Which Bitcoin Exchange do you use for buying Bitcoin?



dear all,

following Sudhir’s advice I bought the nano ledger S. I live in Italy and I would like to know which is the cheapest/easiest/faster way to buy alt coins. I would like to pay by credit card or wire transfer. From what I read on the forum I think I understood that the best way would be to buy BTC and then exchange them with alt coins. Bitstamp could be the best solution?


The best way is to buy Bitcoin from your local exchange and transfer it to any of the popular Altcoin exchanges.

Binance is certainly at the top at this moment and their mobile app is super easy to use. (This is what I recommend for you).
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I also use Bittrex and moving everything away from Poloniex as its aging.

Cryptopia and gate.io are two exchanges which I use to buy those coins which are not listed on big exchanges.

Two exchanges that I’m keeping an eye in 2018 are


Crypto-bridge is the unique one here as its a decentralised exchange and doesn’t require KYC.


Yes, the best way is to buy Bitcoin from any of the popular Indian exchanage. Do try Coinome which is new and works flawlessly. CoinSecure is another one that I like because its a real exchange and offers good price.

Buy the Bitcoin from here and then transfer it to Binance. From here you can exchange your Bitcoin for any other Altcoin of your choice.

From day one of doing this,
Cryptocompare portfolio or Cointracking to track your portfolio. You will thank me later for this tip :slight_smile:


Haven’t heard anything about them until today.
Better opt for other popular exchanges as outlined by @Sudhir above.


tyvm Sudhir, with bitstamp or changelly could I do everything? pay by credit card or bank transfer and purchase alt coins


I don’t have experience with Bitstamp or Changelly. Based on their websites, Bistamp and Changelly don’t have a lot of altcoins for exchange. However Changelly accepts Visa and Master to buy coins.


Buy BTC from India like Zebpay
Send to Exchange like Binance
Trade now on Binance.
Book your profits in BTC or ETH
Sell these BTC on Zebpay in exchange of INR. Withdraw your INR in account


etoro is very costly…Another I haven’t heard…I would recommend these exchanges- 7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy/Sell Any Cryptocurrency [2018]


I used Bittrex initially, but have started using binance more lately. I like the interface and it’s much more friendly for mobile. Friendly fact: last week Binance signed up 250,000 new accounts in a single hour. I think people are starting to catch on to this whole crypto thing. :wink:

To buy BTC with usd, however, I use Coinbase/GDAX.


Sudhir, could pls give your comment on buying bitcoin with asictrader,com and planning to do the trade on crypto currencies
your opinion maters

Thank you so much


Buy it from Coinsecure, Zebpay or Coinome.


thank you so much bro , for your response


@Sudhir @denharsh I have verified account on bitstamp. Initially I thought that I would wire transfer some money and sell it on zebpay or koinex for profit of rate difference. But then I realized that we can’t remit to a current account from India. So Now Can you suggest me some way to do it??


You might want to buy from Bitstamp via credit/debit card and then proceed. But I don’t know how much you will benefit from this arbitrage.


I prefer Coindeal! It is secure and support is super helpful. I think it is a really good exchange to buy and trade with Bitcoins.