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Hi everyone! I am a newbie to all this. Found this site online by coincidence and am so happy that I did. Have been reading through and there is so much information here. Still so much to learn and read. Thanks a bunch for sharing :grin:


Welcome @Chestnut to CoinSutra Community


i would like to thanks this site…more information bout cryptocurrency


Hello Guys,

I have just joined your community . . .

How did I get to know about CoinSutra? . . . A Google search.
Have I purchased your Bitcoins? If yes, from which site? . . . Yes through CoinBase
•What other Cryptocurrencies are you interested in? . . . All
•What kind of updates you want to see more on CoinSutra? . . . I haven’t been here long enough to comment really, but found you looking for a ‘Deep Dive’ on Neo and then went on to look at some of your other coin analyses.

Have a great day.


Welcome here


I am new somebody sent me some btc which is show in account but when I want to transfer why it’s not seen in my wallet ?


Can you double check


How I do it ?
and it’s show watch only what it’s mean ?


which wallet are you using for receiving & sending coins?


Ledger Nano S.


It means you are not having the keys to spend it. Did it resolve?