Getting started


Yes can be done, very well.

#23 is good to buy in any currency if you have the credit card.

check this out- Review: Is This Platform Safe To Buy Bitcoin & Ether?


Is there advice able on specifically what to buy that can be trusted?


Bitcoin and Ether


for long term, which deskptop/moblie wallet is better? the coinomi and jaxx you guys have recoomended has a bad review. please suggest me one or should i go on try with those app?


Exodus you can try.


Hi, i want to choose the best platform to start trading, please advise me which one is the best? What do you think, which currency is the best to start?


Start with Bitcoin of course and grow your comfort level from there. Check out some of the must-try Bitcoin exchanges-Best Bitcoin Exchanges in the World For Trading Bitcoins


Thank you ! Do know something about, someone recommend me this exchnage, but i want to get more feedback


Not yet dealt with it, looks very new. What’s your requirement?


What I need is to be an intuitive, secure and has a good responsive support


Binance surely